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About CLUB 7

CLUB 7 began as a sports development company for the youth. We quickly realized the importance of mental health of our athletes and their support systems, so we added mental health counseling to our company. Soon, parents and other adults wanted to engage and improve their health, so we added physical fitness and nutrition. We have always been family centered and invested in our members, and we knew we wanted and needed to do more! CLUB 7 has transformed into a multiservice company providing services/ programs for all individuals of the community; empowering individuals on their journey towards a balanced and fulfilling life. We aim to create a society that embraces the transformative power of wholistic well-being resulting in healthier individuals, stronger communities, and a brighter future for all

"If you Love and Trust the Process, the Reward is Guaranteed." 

Become a part of the CLUB 7 Family today!

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Sports Training Details

Whether you or your athlete are thinking about getting started or want to achieve better results—We can get you there. Get ready to learn new fundamentals and develop your talents and abilities. Check out our key points.

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We will improve your running mechanics, power, rhythm, first -step quickness, acceleration, top-end running form, endurance, and more. We will get you faster!


We will improve movements such as getting in and out of breaks, stopping on the dime, and being able to adjust your body in multiple ways to get to a destination quicker.


We strive to improve athleticism which will directly transfers over to our athletes’ movements that will be used during game specific situations. This includes motor skills such as foot speed, power, quickness, body control, hand -eye coordination, ball skills, and more.


The mental aspect of sports is as important as the physical aspect of it. We will provide the information necessary to improve our athletes IQ. This will give the athletes an understanding of what will be taught to them and expected of them at the next level

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Antonio Page

Owner and Athletic Movement Specialist  

Antonio has always had a passion for working with the youth. Antonio demonstrates the ability to help athletes directly translate movements to actual gameplay. Antonio teaches our athletes to cultivate skills to use within and outside of sports.

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Laquita Clark

Owner and Mental Health Professional.

Aside from managing the day-to-day operations, Laquita provides services to help athletes and their families keep a sharp and focused mind when things may become stressful or overwhelming. There is power in understanding that success starts with the mind.

Darien Townsend

Owner and Athletic Training Specialist

Darien has trained over 100 athletes; professionals, high school and youth throughout the Tri-County area. He is a Jack of all trades in this industry. Darien handles every part of development for athletes: weight room, sports specific abilities, and recovery.

Our Team

Our Team Members are Family. They are rooted in the very Foundation of CLUB 7. They help make us who we are! They all have extensive knowledge in sports which they share with the athletes as they mentor them and foster their athletic abilities. 

Attended WestLake H.S in Atlanta,Ga  Lettering in several sports; football, wrestling, and track and field.

Professional track athlete for several years & an Olympic hopeful in the 400 and 200 meter events.  Earned sponsorship with Nike and Gatorade. Coached little league and high school

  level football, basketball, baseball, and track & field.  Mentored athletes and non-athletes alike.  Very disciplined trainer knowledgeable of all sports; specializing in speed, strength and conditioning.

Graduate of Youngstown State University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and entrepreneurship. Currently pursuing a master's degree in education – coaching and leadership. Played division I football at YSU from 2016-2020 before becoming a graduate transfer and attending West Liberty University to play division II football from 2020-2022. Has experience playing on the offensive and defensive side of the ball at both the high school and collegiate level (running back, linebacker, and defensive end). Loves training, listening to music, and is an advocate of continuous learning.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in Business Administration at Youngstown State University. Current Assistant High School Varsity Girls Soccer Coach since 2022. Previous Assistant High School Varsity Boys Soccer Coach from 2020-2022. Experience in providing team development, inspiration, and helping youth to develop appropriate expression and social skills.

Exhibits great leadership and attention to detail. Extensive volunteer work with the youth. Trained and experienced in sports development training and specializes in soccer techniques.

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